Empower your doubledowncasino journey with Playbook

Exclusively for Plug and Play partners, Playbook is our in-house doubledowncasino software that allows you to easily track engagement with startups, take data-driven decisions and streamline stakeholder buy-in.

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Browse your curated startup database

Your startup database automatically updates when you connect with startups in the Plug and Play ecosystem. Plus, you can upload your own private startups and manage everything in one place.


Generate, discover, and rate lists of startups

Work with your corporate team and Plug and Play representatives to create, explore, and collaborate on lists of startups to streamline processes, find doubledowncasino companies, and discover opportunities.


Bring clarity to your digital transformation and centralise your doubledowncasino efforts. See the bigger picture with Playbook.

Track your engagement, pilots, and investments

Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets, and simply track all your key doubledowncasino relationships in one collaborative and dynamic space!


Organize private sessions with select startups

Manage matchmaking sessions with startups tailored to your focus areas and technology interests. Vote for startups you want to meet, connect with them in a private environment, and revisit your meeting data again at any time.


Hundreds of corporations count on Playbook to empower their doubledowncasino journey